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The Total Lash System is a professional service and a lash-centric cosmetic brand that includes: The LashPaints, LashFit, LashRely, LashPrep, The Vintages, The Standards, The LashJewelry and much more.

LashDip is a blacker-than-black gel eyelash coating of the highest quality ingredients available. The LashDip coating is applied by a Certified LashDip Artist meticulously to each lash and then cold air cured into place.

LashDip inserts are weightless accents of fine silk in varying lengths and natural curves which are designed exclusively to correct or embellish the natural lash line prior to the application of the LashDip coating for a seamless finish.

Inspired by the non-chip manicure, the creators of LashDip saw a desire for a semi-permanent mascara replacement. Until LashDip was created, there was no product that could offer women gorgeous lashes without the hassle of mascara, the weight of lash extensions and the irritations caused by traditional cosmetics.

LashDip can only be applied by a Certified LashDip Artist. LashDip can be applied with or without LashInserts and can mimic any desired mascara style.

A Certified LashDip Artist applies LashDip in a LashDip Boutique. Business opportunities are available. Click here for more information.

Extensions are an appliance secured to the natural lash with the use of high-grade adhesives. Eyelash extensions are heavy and the wearer can see them in their sight line and feel the weight. LashDip is a semi-permanent gel coating that is applied to the surface of the natural lash and/or fine silk Inserts, cold air cured into place that lasts for about a month, leaving your lashes feather light and fabulous.

The LashDip Total Lash System can be tailored to create any effect and every woman has naturally different lashes. Dramatically different lash effects can be achieved from a suggested retail cost from $80.00 to $400.00.

Absolutely not! All of the ingredients we use are safe. There are no negative side effects, only gorgeous lashes.

LashDip is absolutely safe and compatible with clientele not normally candidates for typical lash services or cosmetics.

LashDip is applied by a professional Certified LashDip Artist who has gone through our extensive training and hands-on series of applications. The eyes remain predominately closed through the LashDip service and gel pads cover the skin surrounding the eye area. The LashDip coating is comfortable during service and throughout wear and will not irritate the eyes.