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So this past weekend I used your false lashes on a bride and her mother, and they were FABULOUS. Trimmed them up a small amount at the ends and that was it. Glue dried to the perfect consistency, lashes were natural looking, and they were probably the easiest application of false lashes I have ever done! Keep up the good work!

– Caitlin, Milwaukee

I just recently started using lashfit and I will never again try another product for my lashes. Not only was the serum gentle on my eyes but I saw a change in my lashes in less than 2 weeks. Lashfit made my lashes much longer and thicker. I will never go back to the other over the counter and prescription lash serums I used in the past. My eyes were not itchy or irritated, which allowed me to use product nightly and see such fast results. I also did not see a long list of side effects associated with lashfit like I do on other lash serums. This product will stay on my bathroom counter forever. So happy to have found it.

– Eva, Denver

“I’m obsessed with the new LashPaint it’s amazing.
My husband even said wow your lashes have never looked so cool. Plus, “the texture and shape of the tube is a full luxury mascara experience”

– Nicole, Boston

“LashDip is not only an amazing beauty product, but a huge time saver, too. With my busy schedule, LashDip made it possible to wake up and be able to run out of the house without having to give my mascara or makeup a second thought.

– Andrea, Miami

I am so happy I tried LashDip! I’ve always had fair eye lashes and would coat on so much mascara to make my eyes pop. And even then, I was never totally satisfied. I tried LashDip and I am thrilled! My lashes are blacker than black and look full and thick. They also don’t feel like I have any mascara on, they are still soft and feel natural. I honestly think they have changed the shape of my face. I love that I can roll out of bed and look like I’m wearing mascara, not to mention, I don’t have to worry about any smudging or sweating it off at the gym. LashDip is a great product. Every girl should use it!

– Brooke, New York City

LashDip gives me the best feeling of waking up every morning and knowing that I didn’t have to apply 5 coats of mascara to achieve my desired look. My morning makeup routine was cut in half! The added bonus is that a single application lasts 4-5 weeks. LashDip is absolutely amazing! Every woman should try LashDip!”

– Jackie T, West Palm Beach, 27

Wow LashFit !!!! I work a lot. One way I stay close to my 7 year old little girl, is that we share a beauty regime. It’s our intimate mommy/daughter time to talk laugh and sing along to the radio. She has her mouth rinse, her face sponge, her lotion, leave in conditioner, and her LashFit! The natural formula is safe, (vitamins mostly). She has stellar lashes, she’s seven. But now so do I. I am NOT seven. My lashes look like hers! That’s what LashFit does… I have the lashes of a seven year old. Happy customer!

– CJ San Francisco

I just had LashDip applied by Gina Mondragon, and I am hooked! Never have I had a product applied that looked so natural! Gina was phenomenal and I will be a customer for as long as she’ll have me! I highly recommend!!!

– Cathy, Baltimore

My lashes are already fairly long, but not thick. LashDip really made them stand out yet still look natural. One of the things I love most about LashDip is that you get to select the degree to which your lashes are enhanced: one coat does the trick for a really pretty natural look, but multiple coats create a dramatic vixen like look.

– Sarah, Kansas City

I absolutely love LashDip – it’s perfect for any busy woman who is constantly on the go. It’s also perfect for mascara lovers who want to have beautiful lashes around the clock.”

– Tatyana, Chicago, 21

My extremely straight, sparse lashes have always been a problem. To no avail, I have been through multiple mascaras trying to find a formula that curls, thickens and lengthens. LashDip instantly gave me the look I’ve been searching for! My eyes popped and became my main facial attraction. With LashDip, people continue to ask me ‘what’s different?’ Once I revealed that my eyelashes were longer and thicker, they were stunned and envious that a lash product could actually make that much of a noticeable difference. For the first time ever, I’ve received compliments on my lashes.

– Jennifer, St. Louis

I just had LashDip applied by Gina Mondragon, and I am hooked! Never have I had a product applied that looked so natural! Gina was phenomenal … and I will be a customer for as long as she’ll have me! I highly recommend!!!

– Cathy C.