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What is LashDip?

The Total Lash System is a professional service and a lash-centric cosmetic brand that includes: The LashPaints, LashFit, LashRely, LashPrep, The Vintages, The Standards, The LashJewelry and much more. View the entire Retail Collection.

The Professional Service performed by a Certified LashDip Artist is comprised of an individually tailored effect from the two key components of the LashDip Professional System:

  • LashDip, a blacker-than-black gel eyelash coating of the highest quality ingredients available. The LashDip coating is applied by a Certified LashDip Artist meticulously to each lash and then cold air cured into place.
  • LashDip Inserts, weightless pieces of fine silk in varying lengths and natural curves which are designed exclusively to correct or embellish the natural lash line prior to the application of the LashDip coating for a seamless finish.

The Professional LashDip service can mimic any desired mascara style and offers the ability to tailor your look to meet life’s different journeys.

From a sport look for an everyday casual effect or full bridal/honeymoon lashes you need.

The LashDip Professional Service can give you a full range of effects, for a full life!


   Map of Placement Sites
For Traditional Eyelash Extensions

Traditional eyelash extensions are fixed to every natural lash to ensure that weight distribution and color is even throughout the application, This can cause extra weight and stress on the natural lashes.

Map of Placement Sites
For Lash Correction Using
LashDip Fine Silk Inserts

LashDip Fine Silk Inserts are applied as needed to areas which require correcting or embellishment in preparation for the revolutionary LashDip semi-permanent mascara replacement coating, rendering the finish seamless.