Professional Tools + Training Videos + Expert Commentary

Professional Supplies

This comprehensive package includes all the professional tools and supplies you need to perform over 50 LashDip services.

Artist Training Modules

Get step-by-step practice tutorials shot in pristine HD quality with bonus commentary tracks from innovator Gina Mondragon.

Celebrity Lash Stylist Secrets

Fashion influencer and reality TV Star Shanna Moakler joins Gina and celebrity lash stylists to discuss the finer points of lashing.

Learn From The Innovators Who Started It All

Expand Your Artistry or Start Your Career

For the first time ever, LashDip’s coveted techniques and state of the art supplies are available in one comprehensive package.

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Professional Supplies

LashDip’s proprietary solutions and state of the art tools are the standard in luxury custom lashing. This Package includes all of the supplies and tools you need to perform over 50 LashDip Services.

Coming from a hair-stylist’s background, innovator Gina Mondragon continues to revolutionize the lashing industry with a completely unique approach.

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Artist Training Modules

Filmed in pristine HD quality, enjoy rewarding instructional videos covering both “extensions” and “Lashing” services.  In addition to having a tutorial audio track explaining each part of the process, both services include bonus commentary by Gina Mondragon herself. Her useful insights and professional tips will elevate your lashing expertise.

Celebrity Stylist Secrets

In this bonus video, some of the industry’s most sought after celebrity lash artists come together to discuss the secrets of lashing for a high-end clientele. Hosted by former Ms. USA, fashion influencer and reality show icon Shanna Moakler.

Limited Time Offer. Save Over $100
Shipping is Free and Begins 3/15

What’s Included?

The most unique lash system in the industry.
Perform over 50 services with your initial supply package.

LashDip Solutions

1 LashPrep®
Used for Cleaning and preparing the lashes
1 LashDip®
Semi-permanent lash coating
1 LashAdhere™
 Used in the application of LashInserts
1 LashDefine™
Controls the viscosity of LashDip solution
1 LashRefine™
Removes LashDip solution from lashes or skin
1 LashRemove™
Used to remove all LashDip services
1 LashSeal®
Used to finish the service and seal your work

LashDip Tools

2 Lash Sculpting Stylus
Used to guide and control Lashes during service
2 Lash Tongs
Used to hold and apply lashes during service
1 Cool Air Sculpting LashDryer
Used to set work and guide Lashes during service
2 Lash JetBrush
Fine tip brush to use for detailing the LashDip application
1 Lash Magnifying Glasses
Eye-wear used to increase visibility of the lashes during service
1 Heated LashLifter
Used to set the lash-line before service

LashDip Disposables

50 Solution Trays

Disposable trays to dispense solutions into for service
60 pairs of Eye Protection Gel Pads
Eye-shaped gel pads placed under the lash line, to protect Client and create a clean working space for service
100 Application Microfibers
Fine tipped non-shedding microfiber used to apply LashDip during service
100 Prepping/Removal Microfibers
Large tipped, non-shedding microfiber used to prep the lashes before service with LashPrep, or to remove the lash service using LashRemove
50 LashFan Brushes
Mini fan brush used to apply LashSeal® at the conclusion of service and as an aftercare tool for the client

LashDip Lashes

Original LashInserts™

Very fine lash appliance used to extend and embellish the lash line before application of LashDip
LashDip Lashes
Very soft, very light, full extensions to embellish the lash line
LashDip Lashes Fine
Very soft, very light fine extensions to embellish the lash line

*Practice Doll-Face: Available for separate purchase only

Limited Time Offer. Save Over $100
Shipping is Free and Begins 3/15

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