How Lash Extensions React in Different Weather, and How to Care for Them

Mar 14, 2020

How Lash Extensions React in Different Weather, and How to Care for Them

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March 14, 2020

Eyelash extensions are usually durable and can stay on until your natural lash falls off – which is a natural process. However, one thing you need to acknowledge is that different weather can affect your natural lash cycle. It can cause premature shedding of your natural lash, which in turn, damages your lash extensions.

To prevent this from happening, you should give your lashes the extra TLC that they need. As you care for your extensions, you should pay attention to the factors that cause the adhesive on custom lashes to weaken. The main factors that cause weakening of your lash extension adhesive are high temperature and humidity.

What should you know about humidity and its effect on lash extensions? Basically, you only need to know about the effects humidity has when it’s both too low and too high.

1. Humidity too low

When the humidity is too low, the curing speed of the adhesive slows, resulting in:

  • Adjacent lashes sticking to one another
  • An increase in adverse reactions
  • Leaning or slipping of lashes
  • Blooming

2. Humidity too high

When humidity is too high, on the other hand, the curing of the adhesive speeds up, resulting in:

  • “Curing” of the adhesive beads, producing a clumpy or rough look
  • Poor attachment of the lash extensions
  • Blooming

What can you do to combat extreme humidity conditions when using lash adhesive?

You should use a lashes application environment system while working in a well-ventilated room. Be sure to work at a humidity range of 45 – 60 %. You can always use a humidifier or de-humidifier to add or reduce humidity as required.

Here are some extra tips to keep the adhesive of your lash extensions in an optimal condition.

1. Store the adhesive in an appropriate place

The lash extension adhesive should be kept in a cool, dark place. In addition to that, you should use the adhesive in a stable environment. Temperature fluctuations, high temperature, or high humidity can affect the adhesion and viscosity of the adhesive.  The optimal humidity for lash extension adhesive is between 45% – 60%. The ideal temperature is between 64-77 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’ll order the adhesive online, you can leave a note for the delivery person to place the package under a shade. That way, you won’t use an adhesive that won’t hold the extensions in place for as long as needed.

2. Moisturize your lashes

Obviously you can’t control the weather, but you can try to reduce the effect of adverse weather on your lashes. One of the best countermeasures you can take is to moisturize your lashes to prevent them from becoming brittle. You, however, should avoid using moisturizers that contain glycerin, oil, or wax. Such moisturizers are known to loosen the bonds, causing the lash extensions to fall off. You should, instead, get special serums made for lashes with extensions.

3. Rinse lashes after swimming

Saltwater and chlorine can reduce the lifespan of your lash extensions. For this reason, you should rinse your lashes with fresh water after a swim in the ocean or pool. You should pat the lashes dry, rather than rub them. You can then use a mascara wand to brush through the lashes.

4. Maintain regular fills

You should not wait until you start losing your lash extensions prematurely. In that light, you should make the effort to visit your salon for fills as regularly as possible. This will go a long way towards ensuring that your lash extensions remain in supreme condition for an extended period.  Such experts will not only refill the extension but also check the health of your natural lashes to ensure that there is no problem.

5. Eat healthily

Having a healthy body is one of the best ways to ensure that your hair, skin, and eyelashes are also healthy. You should, therefore, resolve to take enough vitamins and minerals, either as supplements or through your food.  One of the main minerals that promote nail and hair growth is silicon. You should also include vitamins A, B, C, and E in your diet, for stronger and healthier lashes. It’s highly advisable that you consult a doctor or nutritionist to get advice about how you should include the minerals and vitamins in your diet, as well as the right dosages.

In Summary

Even though humidity can cause adverse effects on the health and strength of your lash extension adhesive, you are not helpless. As you know by now, there is a lot you can do to ensure that the adhesive remains in place. So long as you pay enough attention to your lash extension adhesive, it should keep your inserts or extensions looking good for as long as intended.


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