4 Easy Ways for Lash Artists on How to Handle Difficult Clients

Mar 14, 2020

4 Easy Ways for Lash Artists on How to Handle Difficult Clients

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March 14, 2020

As a lash artist, you might have dealt with a complex client, who doesn’t totally respect your profession or even your opinion as an artist. Dealing with difficult clients is never easy but it’s a part of every business. Today we’re going to share 4 easy ways for lash artists to handle difficult clients so you can keep your cool and continue to grow your business.

1. Don’t compromise on your professionalism

Your clients are walking billboard advertisements for your service. When you have a client you’ve done work on that looks incredible she is your best source for generating new business. She’ll have a glow about her, confidence and, of course, her lashes will look amazing. Of course, if she wants something that isn’t quite right for her face that will end up being a poor reflection of you as a lash artist and won’t exactly drum up the business you’re looking for in the long run. It’s important to try to convince your client to pick an eyelash style that’s right for her. It can sometimes be helpful to keep photos of poor eyelash choices to show them to your clients and why they do and don’t work on certain people’s faces.

2. Lay the facts down on the table

Take a few minutes with your client and explain to her what the best eyelashes are for her and which ones are not in a friendly manner. Let her understand why you are dismissing her choice and picking a different eyelash. Talk about the shape of her face, her general appearance as a person and educate her a little on how to choose the right style. In addition to photos and magazine cut outs, you can also use a computer or Smartphone to show her other examples. If you’re tech-savvy you might even be able to prepare some sample lashes and digitally try them on with something like photoshop – much like plastic surgeons do for their clients.

3. Refer her to another professional lash artist

Getting a second opinion from another professional lash artist may soften her stand. Some of your clients will come convinced that a particular eyelash will make her look as beautiful as it does on someone else. What some don’t understand is that everyone has a style that works for them and they’re taking into account their style in relation to the lashes they want. If another lash artist lets your client understand she is picking the wrong choice for her eyes, she might realize she is wrong and change her eyelash selection. It’s a bit of peer pressure, but in the end, it’s really for her own good as sometimes people need a little adjustment in the taste department.

4. Avoid the need to be right

Being a professional lash artist who knows which eyelash will fit best for particular eyes and which one will not, you might be tempted to prove to your client that you know what you are doing. If you find that your client will not take anything but the eyelash she has chosen, to avoid creating an unnecessary argument, it’s best to just give in to what she wants. Maybe after a few days, she will come back for a replacement or apologize for not listening to your advice. However, engaging in an argument might hurt your client, and she might not come back for the service. This should be the last option when you are certain that there will be no other way to handle your client…and arguing and getting defensive with a client should NEVER be an option of course. The quickest way to drive customers away from you as an artist is to get a reputation as being rude.

Remember, you are the professional, not your client. Part of your work is to advise your clients on which eyelashes are best for them. The important thing is not to give your clients what they want, but what is best for them.


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