Lash Inserts – What to Expect in a Lash Extension or Insert Application

Mar 14, 2020

Lash Inserts – What to Expect in a Lash Extension or Insert Application

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March 14, 2020

When it comes to lash inserts, there are certain factors you need to be familiar with in order to be prepared for what the experience of getting your lashes done will actually be like. The good thing is that the expectations you should have are actually quite positive. Without a doubt, eyelash extensions will tend to  make you feel more glamorous than you ever thought possible if our own experience holds true.

In a survey conducted by CoverGirl, it revealed that 50% of women prefer mascara if they could only use one makeup product. However, having eyelash extensions can virtually eliminate the need for mascara altogether. Here is what to expect from a lash extension application.

1. You Will Have to Keep Your Eyes Closed for an Extended Amount of Time

Getting an eyelash extension is a great thing. However, you have to be prepared to keep your eyes closed for an extended period of time. Some eyelash extension services take several hours but at LashDip our extensions or inserts usually take less than an hour which make it a much more tolerable process. The great thing about keeping your eyes closed for extended periods of time though is that you’re used to it – after all you go to sleep every night. In fact, during LashDip services it’s not uncommon that our clients fall asleep on the table and magically wake up with jaw-dropping lashes.

2. There are Different Designs

You should note that eyelash extension designs are different. There are plenty of options to choose from, and lashes come in various lengths, curls, and thickness. The best thing to do is let the expert handling the lash extensions to study your lashes well and help them decide the design that will be suitable for you. A considerable advantage of the lash extension application is that there are plenty of colors to choose from, and this provides you with the option of selecting your favorite color if you’re in the mood for something fun and different.

3. Know The Maintenance Regimen

LashDip lashes are quite low maintenance. Often times a quick swipe with the orange mini fan brush that the LashDip artists supply to their clients is all that’s needed – but that’s not true for all eyelash extensions. In fact, there are many different products on the market that require some serious maintenance. Some products even come with a list of rules of what you can and can’t do and products you can and can’t use in conjunction with your lash extensions.

Whatever lash extensions you decide to get, be sure to thoroughly go over what the maintenance regimen is with your artist before leaving the service so you are adequately prepared. Also, it’s important to note that as your natural lashes grow in, your eyelash extensions will fall out. Extensions are designed this way intentionally so that your natural lashes are not damaged. You should never rip or tear your extensions out yourself, just let them grow out naturally.

4. Lash Extensions Can Be Addictive

Once you begin the lash extension application journey, you are bound to get addicted. In fact, you will regret why it took you so long to give lash inserts a shot. Especially if you use a system with low maintenance like LashDip, you’ll come to recognize your face with longer lashes and that will become part of your identity. Lash extensions typically last for about two to four weeks. After the two to four week period and you see the lash inserts have wholly fallen off, you can get them filled in again. Alternatively you can make more frequent appointments to do touch ups and fill-ins.

Bonus Tips

  • Here are some great bonus tips to help you when you get a lash extension application.
  • You can easily customize lash extensions to look real.
  • The good thing about lash inserts is that there is no evidence shows that they can affect the length of your natural lashes.
  • The longer it takes for you to fill them again, the more lashes you will need to replace them.
  • A good lash expert should be able to take the shape of your face, the bone structure, and natural lashes into consideration to make sure everything is done correctly.


Lash inserts are a great option to consider if you are looking for a glamorous look. However, just like everything else, you always have to make sure they are done right.


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