Five Myths About Lash Extensions

Jan 17, 2020

Five Myths About Lash Extensions

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January 17, 2020

From a simple look to the full-blown runway glam, lash extensions can achieve looks that cannot be accomplished with mascara alone. Lash extensions and inserts usually improve the thickness, length and fullness of natural lashes.

Lash extensions are among the most controversial aspects of beauty that have long stirred hot conversations within the beauty sector for years now. Today we’re going over the top 5 myths about lash extensions and debunking some false ideas you might have in your head about the process.
Before we start it’s important to specify exactly what lash extensions are in case you are not familiar with the process. Unlike gluing a strip of lashes on your lash line, lash extensions is the process of hand-inserting the lashes one by one into the lash line. The lashes can be made to look natural or super glam, all depending on the type of extensions you select.

1. Eyelash Extension Ruin Your Natural Lashes

This is actually the number one myth surrounding lash extension. It’s believed that lash extension makes your natural eyelashes fall out on their own and which is ultimately false. Usually, eyelashes are just like any other body hair, and for that, they naturally shed within a given cycle. Your lashes are bound to shed regularly to create room for new ones whether you apply lash extensions or not. The truth is that lash extensions are perfectly safe for your natural lashes as they actually complement your natural lashes.

Through the use of premium products as well-trained lash technicians lash extensions should never interfere with your natural lashes. Professional lash technicians, like LashDip artists, understand the nature of the lash line and use quality products and expert techniques to make sure that the extensions never interfere with a client’s natural lash growth.

2. Lash Extensions Hurt and are Uncomfortable

Secondly, it’s believed that lash extensions hurt and are uncomfortable. The truth is that the process of applying lash extension doesn’t hurt at all when done by a professional. Every LashDip artists who’s been performing services for some time can attest that they’ve had at least a few clients fall asleep during the service. Actually, the whole process of applying lash extension is very relaxing, and you can even enjoy a ‘lash nap.’ Again, blinking while you have your lash extensions on doesn’t cause any form of discomfort.
There might be some cheaper products out there made from hard materials, but if you’re using a quality, silk-like lash product like LashDip, then the extensions shouldn’t even be felt after they are applied.

3. Lash Extensions Make Your Lashes Shorter and Weaker

Again, this is just a myth. The truth is that, while applying for your lash extensions, your natural eyelashes have the chance to shed as well grow given the fact that they are separated from the lash extensions during the application process. Once you remove your lash extensions, its normal to feel like your natural lashes have grown shorter as well stumpy, but in reality they are not shorter, you’ve just grown accustomed to seeing your beautiful extensions over time.

If you have your lash extensions for a longer time, then this is bound to happen, but you need not to worry since your eyelashes are perfectly healthy and retain their original length after shedding the extensions. Importantly, while LashDip lashes can shed naturally, some people opt to have the lashes removed. If you do have the lashes removed we recommend doing it with a professional as pulling out your own extensions might result in you inadvertently pulling out your own natural eyelashes if you are not careful.

4. You Can’t Wash Your Lash Extensions

This is also another common misconception about lash extensions that you shouldn’t wet your eyelashes since water damages them and makes them weak. This is actually not true. While we can’t speak for every lash extension product on the market, LashDip lashes are impervious to water and you can shower, swim and do everything with your lashes on that you would normally do. In fact, washing your face as well eyes is quite crucial as it helps get rid of any dirt, sebum as well makeup which could easily cause some form of infections. Again, washing your lash extensions will only make your lashes much healthier as well clean.

5. Lash Extensions Last A While

This is actually false. Truly, there is no standardized set of rules regarding how long lash extensions are supposed to last; nonetheless, high-quality eyelashes are meant to last for about 2-3 weeks. Just like natural lashes, lash extensions shed one-by-one within a span of 2-3 weeks, and for that, they will require a retouch to make them acquire their fullness thickness as well glam.
Would it be possible to make lash extensions last longer? Not really. Making lash extensions last longer than just a few weeks would require preventing natural lash growth with dangerous materials and that would be detrimental to the client’s natural lashes. Much like hair extensions, lashes have to be allowed to shed as natural growth comes in.

Wrapping it all up

Lash extensions don’t have to be a controversial part of beauty anymore. They are painless, harmless, and increase the overall appearance of a face quite a bit. In addition to being a fun, an easy service, custom lashes have little to no maintenance when done by a qualified LashDip artist and can really improve self-confidence in clients.


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