How to Build Your Business as an Eyelash Expert

Jan 17, 2020

How to Build Your Business as an Eyelash Expert

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January 17, 2020

Like any other business, building a lash business requires grit, plan, and quality work. Whether you are a solo artist or trying to build a whole lash salon with other team members, it’s best if you follow a plan of action with real, obtainable goals.

Here are some of the main tips on how to grow your lash business:

1. Partner with Related Businesses

If you are looking to grow your business while helping others at the same time, then partner with related businesses like photographers and wedding planners. Most brides are always looking for the perfect eyelashes for their big day. They would trust you more when recommend by their wedding planner. Photographers, on the other hand, are always looking for models to build their portfolio. The great thing about partnering with photographers is that they often want dramatic looks that work great for promoting your services across social channels.
These professionals will showcase your work to several people. All you have to do is deliver on what you promise to ensure repeat clients.

2. Teach your Clients about eyelashes

Clients are an essential factor in business growth. If you are looking to grow your lash business, you have to create a reliable client retention strategy. Customer retention ensures business success by saving on the cost of acquiring new ones and increasing profits. According to Forbes, the cost of acquiring a new client is five times costlier than retaining existing ones.
One of the best ways to ensure client retention is by teaching them about eyelashes. Let them know the different types of eyelashes and which ones suit them best. Also, teach your clients how to care for their lashes properly. The more the eyelashes stay in top condition, the better the clients appreciate your work and will be willing to come back repeatedly.

3. Offer Several Payment Options

One of the ways to improve customer experience in your lash business is by offering several payment options. While some lash artists and other beauty professionals still take cash only, being able to pay by credit card is becoming more and more of a necessity. You might also consider having subscription options where clients pay a discounted rate monthly to get their lashes done regularly.

Whatever payment processor you decide to use it should be reliable, and affordable. There are some credit card companies that charge a ridiculous amount of money just for the privilege to use their services. We recommend going with a processor that has a flat rate (usually somewhere around 3%) otherwise you’ll end up with a mountain of statements where each card has a different rate and you’ll never really know what they’re charging you.

4. Get Social

Social media is a powerful platform for promoting your business and getting new clients. Use the tool to follow up on clients and provide them tips on keeping their lashes. Following up on the clients lets them know that you care about them and is another way to ensure repeat business.
Create a social media strategy to promote your lash business to help you gain new clients. Some of the ways to promote your business in social media include; creating exclusive promotions for social media, sharing useful lash tips, and encouraging your clients to share their pictures of their lashes.

5. Multiple Marketing & Publicity Endeavors

Lash business is highly competitive. You need a good marketing strategy these days to edge out your competition. When still in the infancy stage, consider providing some free sessions or subsidized charges for new clients. While it might seem expensive, you are more likely to gain repeat clients when the first session goes well and costs them nothing or a discounted rate. Also, discounted and free sessions are ones where clients are more than happy to help you advertise so take advantage of their social circle by asking them to post and tag your place and leave you a 5 star review on Google and/or Yelp.

You might also consider encouraging more client referrals by creating a special discount for those who bring others to your salon.
Another idea would be to consider sponsoring a college event or a charity drive as a way of reaching out to potential clients. This is less costly compared to mainstream advertising.

6. Offer Superior Services

No matter how much you apply these tips, it is of no use if you offer low-quality eyelashes services. Everything about your services should be top-notch. Start by setting up an excellent environment within your space. The place should be clean, quiet, and peaceful for the best experience during the session. Also, employ highly qualified and competent staff if you plan on having other team members.

Of course, it goes without saying but if you’re not already part of the LashDip culture we invite you to explore our products and system. We are the legacy brand in custom lashing that started it all and stand by the quality of our products. Our system is preferred by celebrity stylists all over the world.


Lash business is a highly competitive market. It would be best if you had the best marketing, social media, and service delivery strategies to grow. Implementing these tips will help you gain and retain clients as you create lasting relationships.


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